Checkpoint (c) Archive of the Mosireen collective, 2011-2013

August 2014

To the Square 2

  • From Tunis to Tahrir Square, Cairo
    From Occupy in New York to Wikileaks and Blockupy ECB
    From Puerta del Sol in Madrid to Bolotnaya Square in Moscow

    What fills a square? A tent, a tank or a tower? A mob, a demand or a feast of engaged arts? Where did it all come from, and where does it go — that revolutionary energy?

    What would it take for people to go TO THE SQUARE, to revolt again?

    Something revolting? Total economic inequality? Ecological catastrophe? Raw racism? An infinitely bigger “big brother”? Everybody knows: it’s all happening already.

    Art climbs a tower, takes a bird’s-eye view, builds a springboard… it dreams and rebels. A drawing-board for ideas, art re-imagines societies to make them.

    To the Square 2 mobilizes people with art: by artists from the square, to the square.

    Curators: Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen as a part of the international Re-Aligned Project of Perpetuum Mobilε ry

    Commissioned by:


  • Lasipalatsi Square

    Mannerheimintie 22-24

  • Free entrance.

Fri 22.8. - Sun 31.8.